ACTEAM Energy offers his skills to the public or privatecollectivités, promoteurs immobiliers, développeurs, investisseurs, producteur d’énergies,… for a  construction controlledcosts, quality and sécurity of their photovoltaic plant..

We act as design department representative, as partner or subcontractor

Based on the project background, we propose a personal assistance for the client. So, we can intervene just for some points of the project

Our mission for the client’s assistance or project manager is partial or complete and based on the client’s needs.

Whatever the kind of the operations, we are covered by Decennial Civil Liability for all project manager’s operations of photovoltaic equipment o, the roof or on the ground.

  • Sketch Design Stage: Drawing studies

    Check the feasibility of the operation according to the site’s and client’s constraint.
    Define the principal specifications and the material of the installation

  •  Preliminary Project /Project

    Set the layout plan of the plant
    Dimensioning of the plant and definition of the material and equipment
    Definition of the production and the performance of the plant
    Improve the financial envelope of the operation
    Establishment of the provisional schedule
    Establishment of the measurements and Decomposition of the Lump and Fixed Price of the different materials and equipment
    Define the different batches of the project
    Establishment of a technic bill of specifications or an administrative one

  • Implementation studies

    Developing the whole of the execution plans and electrical plans
    Establishment of the standards and the technical specifications
    Sizing the electrical equipment (HV, LV, DC and AC)
    Steering of the subcontractor design office (Frame, photovoltaic structure, foundation)
    Developing the final plans of the operation

  • VISA

    Must have coherence between the calculation notes and the execution plans
    Final validation for construction and manufacturing

  • Controlling Authority

    Developing of an optimized schedule with risk factors and critical path
    Steering and harmonizing the actions of all the contributors
    Management of difficulties and unforeseen event

  • Scheduling Piloting Coordination

    constitution of an optimized schedule of the construction with risk factors and critical path

    steering and harmonizing the actions of various stakeholders

    management difficulties and unforeseen

  • Management of Technical Executions

    control of the site and development (reporting, observations, site meetings)
    Guarantee compliance by stakeholders of contract documents and technical
    quality management and control of the site offices
    management difficulties and unforeseen
    monitoring and validation of accounts and payment companies

  • Assistance to Operations of Completion

    organize meetings precedent at the completion
    monitoring of reserved deletions
    constitution of the file of the executed works