ACTEAM ENERGY ensures the project development from the field identification to the phase Ready-to-Build on his behalf or outside parties

  • Whether all the development process
  • Whether as consulting and support to the Contracting owner.

ACTEAM Energy ensures a project development with the maximum of constraints in inputs, in the purpose to:

  • Simplify the construction processes
  • Optimize the projects’ financial package while keeping a level of fulfilling technical quality.
  • Ensure logical and viable choices of materials.


Field identification
Signature of the future rent
Requirement/constraint definition
Consulting for the risk developer


Realization of building permit’s plan (logical with an optimal design)
Administrative actions (Town hall, Technical and Financial Proposal …) – Legal actions



Technic development

The technic development of a project includes the design of the plant, the consultation and the selection of constructor if there is a lack of Contractor owner, the management on behalf of the Project manager as administrative actions’ representative (DREAL/DGEC/ERDF/EDF/AOA)

Financial development

The financial development includes the setting up of a reliable business model and the search of optimization to assure an interesting project Internal Rate of Return.

Legal development

The legal development of a project includes:

  • Build the project firm
  • Buy-back of an existing project firm
  • Legal framework for the plant’s financing (rent, mortgage)