ACTEAM ENERGY can propose to the electricity producer or the insurance, audit and expertise campaign according to their needs
The search of optimization of your production, a cession or a purchase of a solar project or moreover a reconstruction due to a sinister, we analyze completely your plant, because a detail can be source of losses or optimization during the plant’s working life

The photovoltaic audit brings an expert vision about your photovoltaic plant :


  • Sale & purchase of a plant: complete and independent assessment
  • Less performance than expected: search of anomalies and technic problems resolution
  • Prevention of a plant: Prevent security and fire risks
  • During a diagnosed problem or a sinister
  • Increase the performance of the plant: search of optimization in purpose to increase the profit
Mission of our photovoltaic audit:

Photovoltaic audit

We analyze the proper functioning, the reliability, and the security of the plant during operation. If the producer finds a defect or a bad performance than expected, we look for the reason and we propose repairs and optimization

Due diligence

We evaluate the technic quality of the investors’ acquisition project and we validate legally, administratively and financially all the project’s aspects to validate its conformity during his working life

Expertise for litigation

We realize a technical audit on plant subjecting to litigation between a producer and the installer.
This informal appraisal is realized to support the client’s record in case of legal action. We provide for the elements to rebuild or to modify in a regulatory framework and optimal.
We also make expertise for the insurers and help them for rebuilt phase.

Why entrust missions to ACTEAM Energy?

Independent design office

We ensure a total impartiality for all our services. Because we can’t be both judge and jury, we aren’t affiliated with any installer, supplier, and maintenance or cleaning company.

We are experimented

Our teams worked on all the trades regarding this sector since 2008. We have a high expertise for the technologies and the techniques, of the equipment and the evolution of the standards. This high level of experience is showed by the identification of the recurring outage and by the development of methods of the performance’s analysis, which give reliable results to our clients.

We are reactive

A structure on a human scale offers to our clients an important reactivity of our engineering team and an unequalled flexibility.

Lines and benefits of audit

Risks prevention, particularly fires

Improper sizing
Defective electrical equipment
Bad quality installation

Analysis of the As-Built Records /Respect of the standard’s panel and of the design’s rules

Noncompliant installations
Risks for the security of properties and persons
Inappropriate dimensioning

Analysis of administrative files

Contract for repurchase of energy
Risks of insurance
Contract of connection with the grid
Land right

Analysis of the installation’s production

Comparison between the expected performance and the real performance
Comparison between the local weather data and the satellite weather data
Production’s studies P50-P90

Visual analysis of the installation and electrical measures

Risks and defects of sealing
Installation implementation
Intensity and voltage characteristics from the electric panel/Strings of photovoltaic panel
Recommendations for the next maintenance (cleaning, retightening of the electrical terminal …)

Infrared thermography

Detection of defects on the electrical panel (thermography camera on the ground)
Problems detection (hotspot, PID damage, breaking photovoltaic panel, snail tracks …) on the photovoltaic panels (aerial camera and visual analysis)
Recommendations for the next maintenance (cleaning, retightening of the electrical terminal …)

Following an audit or increased research productivity , we can consider a new engineering of your project. Each element of a central weighing on performance and re-engineering project coupled with changes in the system can increase performance. We obviously accompany on financial analysis to assess the viability of the investment as part of re-engineering .

Hiking and aerial thermography

ACTEAM uses a new technique by combining a new generation UAV, a high accuracy thermal camera and a high definition camera.


  • Ensure a quality of production in the future
  • Search manufacturer defects on the photovoltaic panel
  • Search optimization and analysis
  • Or simply, realize a movie or HD pictures of your installations